Where to find the best suited partner for the development of apps

Locating a mobile request development firm is a not at all hard task, what is really complicated is discovering the right company to your project. In the following paragraphs we review what are the parameters and criteria that need to be taken into account when choosing the best mobile app development companies of your apps.

What standards to follow to choose our great partner?


We are enthusiastic about knowing what sort of companies symbolize the success stories of our feasible partner:

B2C (Business two Customer) or B2B (Business 2 Business). The experience you present based on a clients allows you not to make some mistakes that he already knows and offers solved during the past.
Startup and / or Fortune five-hundred experience. The biggest launch of the century is if the partner has experience with firms the size of yours. Having a spouse who knows the rules with the game of companies of different sizes and in different levels of maturation represents an asset of great benefit when anticipating possible limits and hazards.


Upon having seen the portfolio, there may be nothing like seeking references to the potential lover’s customers. It can be information that may save you considerable time and, especially, money.

Native, hybrid or framework-made software

We want to look at what is the very best solution inside our case and obtain a reason for this choice. It would also be convenient to examine in the lover’s portfolio in the event there are types of each type and, in the case of deciding on a generated iphone app, to test the examples of the portfolio to check its surface finish.

User Interface and User Experience (UI as well as UX)

This can be a fundamental part of the app that will need a progressive work of optimization with the interface depending on trial and error. The moment validating the experience that our partner can have in this feature, it is advisable to know in advance the project methodology to get used, to have references of User Interface (UI) and Customer Experience (UX) in past works, to verify that they can be respected Formal iOS and Android design guides, know what tools are used and why, and, in case you contract the development and the USER INTERFACE / UX separately, do not forget that the former should be able to intervene right from the start.

Work technique

Having described a methodology and know how to put it on is key. It is actually convenient for all of us to find out the methodologies and work tools of our partner, as they has to be source of data, reports, control points as well as the location of possible optimizations that will keep no doubt as to whether they should continue being used or not.

Automation and assessment

It is essential our partner has an automated creation and deployment methodology since it will steer clear of many unanticipated economic and time costs. Ask to become taught the two full pattern of a past development as well as the tools intended for automation will give us a perception of the way the partner functions and evaluates their own do the job.

Transparency and honesty

Openness should be a natural factor in any kind of team right from the start, an absolute requirement. It is important to discover the technique of development of our partner since this enables us to be aware of at all times precisely what is being done and how the project is definitely progressing.


Our spouse must be active to be involved in the project right from the start. It is a contribution of extra value since by technical level your knowledge and experience will probably be greater. Inquire him how a communication flows with his consumers are to validate his activity.

Knowledge Back

It is recommended that the back (the technology that performs and not seen) and the entry (what the consumer sees) are carried out with the same partner because the collaboration between teams could be more fluid, with known methodologies and accepted by every single party. In this way, greater top quality and effectiveness is guaranteed.


It is interesting our partner possesses a team focused on pen-testing exams other than advancement. Depending on the sort of applications been infected with, the services of a firm specialized in laptop security for honourable hacking will be different in order to ensure that there are not any security faults in your product.


Your partner should be able to supply you with a list and a short biography of the persons involved in the progress the app. Having this document not simply helps visibility, it is also a great insurance to find out why these people are the pros you expect.

SQA (Software Top quality Assurance)

You have to choose a partner that has a clearly defined SQA system. This is guaranteed not only that the product is perfect and complies while using functional description but that there is a higher level procedure that encompasses all of the processes.

Support and protection

Developing an app is definitely not a one-shot job. It is just a product that has to evolve with users and the market. It is essential to verify our partner contains a support and maintenance division with comprehensive experience, in a position of hoping any level and insuring the life of your application.


Do not let the price be your sole guide. It is not advisable to pick a partner based only by using an economic approximation because, after all, you need a great product, not the cheapest one. In technology, it is very common to start with the cheapest supplier which is not efficient, so that you hire a different one whose price was rejected in advance, with the consequent cost in time and money. Question your potential partners the purchase price broken down by profiles and tasks, this will likely make this easier to set up a comparison with criteria.

This brief guideline is not intended to be defined. It is a support made from experience for those who are up against the hard responsibility of choosing somebody for their projects.

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