Iontophoresis – Some great benefits of therapies by simply ions

The iontophoresis may be a method that permits the application of makeup on the skin area by ions. It is the practical application of the real estate of the galvanic current to get the introduction of cosmetic or therapeutic products at risk of their effective principles becoming ionically dissociated.

This penetration occurs simply by subjecting the substances with an electric discipline of galvanic current, which in turn dissociates that into confident ions and negative ions, which migrate towards the electrodes of inverse polarity to them, that is certainly, the harmful ions are directed to good electrode plus the positive ions to the adverse electrode.

The speed with which the ions enter depends on the quantity of current flowing (electric field strength) and the time of application. As a result of iontophoresis, thanks to this method, interesting effects are generally obtained in beauty treatment options, due to their transmission properties by higher amount levels, while using consequent increase in performance due to the maximum use of the inherent properties.

Precisely what is the treatment?

In facial therapies, website is conducted using distinctive metallic electrodes. The approach consists of little by little sliding these types of accessories within the cutaneous surface, previously sanitized and moistened permanently with water by means of the use of a sprayer. The ionisable product is inserted either directly on the cutaneous surface (gels) or by simply imbibing a gauze in said product when it is of liquid persistence (lotions and ampoules). Even a valid alternate is the usage of gauze masks that exist available for this purpose, which usually must be moistened previously. Then your electrodes slip on it slowly but surely.

The duration of the facial foundation iontophoresis ranges between 15 and 20 minutes, and the frequency from the sessions depends upon what individual needs of each person.

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