Considering September 2 #link# was launched here in the usa and also this brings along with it several renovating features in contrast to its earlier incarnations, and they are:

Marked personalities: New feelings and defined aspects. We can modify our character more.
Possibilities: Given the purpose mentioned previously, our Sim will now have more possibilities to truly have a more interesting, enjoyable story.
Imaginative tools: New how to develop a character and build
Vibrant areas : Now the neighborhoods are going to be inhabited by “people” from different communities, making it fun and interesting.
Share die sims 4 download : This means that we can exchange all our masterpieces through the gallery for the Sims 4

Concerning the minimal demands to relax and play, first we ought to have an internet connection, in order to trigger the item.
As far as Hardware is worried, we will need at the least a core 2 duo of 1.8ghz – 2GB of RAM – 10GB free on our disk such that it is useful so we can save the games well and lastly a minumum of one movie card of at least 128MB.


In the present distribution we shall offer you most of the tricks for the Sims 4 to make use of the game.
The very first thing we have to do in order to introduce the tricks is to start the system by pushing CTRL + SHIFT + C after which we introduce the trick we want through the list that appears below.
rosebud: it’ll provide us with money
motherlode: it provides us even more cash compared to the past one
resetsim first and last name: permits us to restart our sim
death.toggle: In order that our Sim doesn’t die
Also to resusit a Sim we could do the next actions:
Reach level 10 in writing
Complete aspiration “Best-Sellers”
After we have inked the previous actions we have to compose “the guide of life”
When the book is written, we should do the following; choose the option “capture the epic saga” of some serrano Sim (this must certanly be done before he dies).
When dead we “invoke” it and ready, the Sim comes back once again to life as if absolutely nothing had happened.

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