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A cell phone as a security camera, is that possible?

Everyone wants the latest and best phone, but what happens to the old devices? Of course, many sells, but that’s not true for all models. Often a sale is not worth it because of the price, then the phone ends up simply in the drawer.

Is also in your subject right next to just an old phone inside? It is a pity if it is stored unused every day, for example, how about using the mobile phone as a surveillance camera?

Everyday burglaries occur in houses and basements, as such an alternative can definitely not hurt. The most effective solution is always to use all the little possibilities, in the end, the overall impression counts.


Using a mobile phone as a security camera – is that possible?

That’s fine. The principle or the requirements are also very simple because it only requires two Android devices and a Google account. One is, of course, the surveillance camera, the other serves as a monitor.

It does not necessarily have to be a smartphone, it also works with an Android tablet. Of course, the function “mobile phone as a security camera” is not supported by the home, it must be helped with a corresponding app from the store.

Since all successfully tested apps are free, there are no costs in this situation. Only the power supply and the internet costs are to be considered.

How does the mobile phone work as a security camera?

One of the most popular apps for this purpose is  “Alfred”. The program must be installed and set up on both devices.

Basically, a Google Account and the selection as a “surveillance camera” or “monitor” are sufficient. Then the camera is placed in its position and transmits the image to the other smartphone. This can be done via WLAN or via SIM card (mobile data).

It is also not uncommon that the flash of the phone can be turned on with just a click. So even in the dark,  the phone can be used as a security camera. To save the battery, the display is switched off during monitoring. A  quick guide  to how it works looks like this:

  • Install the Guarding Expert app on both smartphones
  • Ensure internet connection
  • Set up app
  • Align the security camera
  • Retrieve images via the second device

In the heat of the moment, important details should not be forgotten. But that also applies, for example, to surveillance cameras in the car. First and foremost, the power supply is extremely important. As the battery gets depleted relatively quickly, an energy donor should be secured via USB.

When using a SIM card, the included data volume must be taken into account. Either it is expensive, or the volume is simply not enough.

The better alternative is always a Wi-Fi network. Thoughts about a  secure attachment are not wrong. In summary, then:

  • Power supply (for example with a USB connection)
  • Pay attention to sufficient data volume
  • Securely attach your smartphone (for example with a mobile phone holder)

What does the whole thing look like in practice?

The benefits of a “cell phone security camera”

A cell phone as a surveillance camera can keep up with a normal camera on the whole. The live image is transmitted and in case of alarm the user is informed.

Although there may be differences from app to app, these are usually minimal. Often it is also possible to communicate acoustically, which scares the uninvited guests in many scenarios. Basically, the phone can thus be used without problems as a  baby monitor, for garages, for basements and generally against burglary.

The corridor or the office can also be monitored. If there is a secure hold and the environment is right, then there are only a few, not recommended places.

For the outdoor area, the smartphone is not suitable as a surveillance camera. Although some models are resistant to water, cold and heat could cause damage.

The devices have just not been designed for permanent outdoor operation, no matter what brand it is. Outside, the phone as a security camera is not a good solution


Is every smartphone usable as a surveillance camera?

No, for a mobile phone to be used as a surveillance camera, Android must be installed as the operating system.

This is usually the case in 99% of the cases. Only in earlier times did the manufacturers use their own systems. Otherwise, of course, the camera still has to work and an internet connection is required.

There are no utopian requirements, almost all models are suitable as a security camera. In the end, they are comparable to cheap surveillance cameras from the electronics department.